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November 24, 2008 Photofont WebReady 1.0 for Mac and Windows released: Use any* font on your website! Read the full announcement on or buy it online.

Photofont WebReady is a font converter for Mac OS X and Windows that allows the user to enhance their web pages with custom fonts of their choice in a search-engine-friendly, standards-compliant way. With Photofont WebReady, you can convert any* photofont, OpenType font or TrueType font into an embedded web font that is then rendered on your web page using the Flash® technology.

Creators of web pages often wish to use custom fonts on their pages instead of standard fonts such as Verdana, Georgia or Arial. The use of non-standard fonts can dramatically increase the attractivity of a website and help apply corporate branding on the web.

  • Read more about embedded web fonts for general information on how to use non-standard fonts on the web and on the distinction between embedded web outline fonts and embedded web photofonts.

Photofont WebReady works on Windows and on Mac OS X, and allows the user to convert any* photofont into an embedded web photofont. Any OpenType or TrueType font (.otf, .ttf and on Mac OS X .dfont) can also be converted into an embedded web photofont, or — if the font vendor allows it — into an embedded web outline font.

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*) Font licensing note. TrueType and OpenType fonts must allow editable embedding to be converted into embedded web outline fonts, and they must allow read-only (print and preview) embedding to be converted into embedded web photofonts. If your font does not allow a certain type of embedding, use a different font or contact the font vendor to obtain an appropriate license. In addition, please remember that the usage of fonts is typically governed by the End-User License Agreement (EULA) from the font vendor. Please consult the EULA for the font you intend to use to make sure that the font vendor allows embedding the font in online documents or web pages. Photofont WebReady lets you view the Copyright and EULA info for all outline fonts installed on the system.

Photofont WebReady

The application features a simple step-by-step wizard interface, guiding the user through the process.

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