Make Photofonts

Create your own photofonts

Typographers and type designers can think of a photofont as a font that supports kerning and Unicode encoding, but which does not use outline glyphs. Instead, it uses bitmap glyph definitions that support multiple color and transparency. Lettering artists and calligraphers can think of a photofont as an effective way to turn your lettering and calligraphy into fonts while keeping an authentic, organic feel, retaining the calligraphic brushstrokes or applying some photographic effects. You are no longer limited to the “flat” look of normal outline fonts.

  • Visit the Making photofonts for designers page to learn about tools and techniques that allow you to create photofonts in BitFonter and your favorite image editing application.

Software developers can think of a photofont as a simple document with the file extension .phf. The Photofont® file format is publicly documented, is based on standard web technologies such as XML and PNG, and can be implemented by 3rd parties without any licensing restrictions.