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October 26, 2009Photofont ID for InDesign CS3 and CS4 for Mac OS X and Windows released! Read the full announcement or download it for free it on

Photofont ID is a free plugin that allows users to install and use any photofont inside of Adobe InDesign® CS3 or CS4 for Mac OS X or Windows.

  • After installation, you will see a new Photofont tool at the bottom of your InDesign toolbar. Use that tool to create a new photofont frame, choose a photofont and the font size, type some text, choose the text alignment and click on OK.
  • The photofont frames remain editable: double-click on any existing photofont frame to change its contents, choose a new photofont or change the size.
  • The photofont frames will automatically rewrap the text when resized.
  • Use InDesign’s View / Display Performance setting to control the display quality of the photofonts on your screen.
  • When printed or exported to PDF, InDesign will automatically use the highest possible quality (resolution) of the photofont.

DOWNLOAD Photofont ID from now (completely free and fully functional, no ad-ware, no limitations).

Watch a short video that demonstrates the use of Photofont ID in Adobe InDesign CS4:

(If you use Adobe Creative Suite 3 or 4, also get Photofont Start for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop!)