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This is a photofont

And this

This is a photofont that looks like a regular font. It can be used to typeset several lines of text using a custom font of your choice.

Photofont too

Outline font formats such as TrueType or OpenType are limited to monochrome letterforms. Bitmap fonts can use the full color palette and transparency. So far, color bitmap fonts have been widely used in computer games as well as in TV, film and motion graphics applications.

Our Photofont® technology brings that same creative power to traditional print and web applications. Photofonts allow users to break free from the traditional black-and-white lettering and use fonts that are made of real calligraphic brush strokes, everyday objects, scanned historical documents or felt pen doodles. But of course the Photofont® technology can also work with traditional fonts that have a “plain” typographic look. Photofonts are not only fun but also open serious business opportunities for example in the field of personalized marketing.

The Photofont® technology has been developed by Fontlab Ltd., a world leader in font creation software. We offer a variety of software tools that enable users to create photofonts and to use existing photofonts in popular publishing, image editing and web applications. We also

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